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Club Shows

"What happens at a Show?"-
A show is a basic competition to determine the best birds in each "CLASS" and the overall "CHAMPION BIRD OF THE SHOW"
To understand how a show is conducted, we must firstly break down how a bird competes in a show.
1. SEX- A bird is either a male or a female and can be a young bird or a mature bird.
The common symbols used to identify each are in brackets.

2. CLASS- Poultry is divided into 6 separate "CLASSES".
These are-
3. BREED & COLOUR- In Australia, there are approx 80 separate breeds of poultry recognised by the TPFA.
Each breed may have up to 10 or more different feather colouring varieties and these are further divided into Dark (DL) and Light (LL) leg colouring resulting in approximately 850 different varieties possible.
Each variety has a number allocated to it for judging purposes.
New colours are added to the "Australian Standards" each year.

Lets look at how this works.

You enter a "Duckwing DL(Dark Leg) Old English Game Bantam Cock" into a show.
All of this information is entered onto the Show Entry Form that is in the back of the yearly Show Guide published by the TPFA every year.
Entry Forms must be submitted 1 week prior to the show.
Cost varies from club to club.
We charge $1.50 per bird so you can see that this hobby won't break the bank!

Note- When entering multiple birds into a show, they must appear in numerical order of the class number on the entry form. This is to make the job of allocating pens easier for the club officials.



Each show has an appointed Judge or Judges. A Judge may judge all birds at a show or may only judge a Class or Type eg Hard Feather or Waterfowl.
At specialist shows, a Judge may only judge a single breed. A specific judge is quite often appointed for Juniors only. So, a show could have one judge or multiple judges.
Judges are usually appointed at the start of the season for all shows. This information can be found in your club's Show Guide. Judges have to be qualified under the TFPA.
Specific judging schools are run periodically.

Most Shows have separate Junior Competitions (15 and under) and both are run simultaneously.
Junior entries are housed separately from senior entries.


When you arrive at a show, your bird/s will be allocated a "pen number." Birds will be grouped by all of the above criteria eg Sex, Colour, Breed and Class.
Birds are judged in the following groups-

In each Class, a bird is Judged Champion and is moved into the Champion Pens at the front of the Pavilion.
The 6 Classes are then Judged for Show Champion (1st) and for Reserve Show Champion (2nd)
Both are awarded Certificates and Prizes.

Entry Forms

Download an entry form by right-clicking on the icon on the right, and selecting "Save link as..." then print it out, and fill out and get it back to us by following the instructions on the form.


Juniors are judged identically with an overall JUNIOR CHAMPION awarded. If the quality of the Junior Champion is higher than the Seniors Class Champion, (in the same Class), their bird will be awarded Senior Class Champion and compete for Champion Bird and Reserve Champion Bird of Show.


Depending on the Show and the number of entries, prizes may be allocated to all Bests, Champions and Show Champions.
Prizes maybe Cash, Feed, Hardware and other donated articles, ribbons or there maybe a combination of some or all of the above.
"Champion Bird of Show" would normally get multiple prizes, as they would get a Class Champion and a Best Breed as well.
Other awards are given out from time to time at the discretion of the Executive Committee.