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School Show Results

2013 was another big year for the Chooks in Schools program with NW Coasts schools vying for the reward of the NW Tasmanian School's Shield.

Last year's winners, Forth Primary were fairly beaten every show by Sprent who took honours with their Langshan Bantams. Forth's stock was one year older and they were in moult for most of the shows. Sprent bred from their stock last year and because of this, their birds were younger and looked a little fresher. Forth Took out Reserve School. Others in contention were Wilmot and Don College who both went very close.

We have now over 12 schools in the competition although not all of the schools showed at every event.
The idea of giving the chooks to the schools was to engage the students in the competition as well as use the birds in the classroom to stimulate learning, team work and responsibility, to learn how to care for a living thing and to promote healthy competition between NW Schools.

It needs to have someone in each school to Champion the program. It could be a teacher, an aide or parents of some of the students. There are only 4 shows a year, the first in April and it is not necessary to stay for the whole day. This show is also a Sale Day and Expo.

There will be a change in this year's rules. Last year, it was a maximum of 3 birds entered for each school. There will be no limit this year to the number or the number of breeds.


A big thank you must go to all of our sponsors who have stuck with us for a number of years now. These are Seedhouse, our Gold Sponsor; Animal Tuckerbox, Inca (flight) Pty Ltd, Manufacturer of Pestine and Piperazine; Michael Gaffney MLC, Dannebrog Lodge and Steakhouse and Home Timber and Hardware.

Chooks in Schools Board Game

Last year a number of schools participated in a trial of a new game based on Primary Level Maths. The results from the surveys were very encouraging and we are currently working through the suggested alterations and changes and hope to have the final edition available later this year.

Poultry Hub School's Resource Kit

Most of you have received your Resource Kit from the Poultry Hub in 2013. Those that have not should contact the Poultry Hub on to see how to access the kit. It is free and contains many resources to assist in the learning process.

Embryo Development

The Poultry Hub has just release a stunning animated production of the development of a chicken embryo that is a must in any science or lifestyle class.

Preparation of Your Birds for Showing

A key factor in showing quality birds is in their preparation. They need to be washed, their legs cleaned and all rough scales removed, the need to be free of lice and mites and should be regularly wormed. Beaks, combs and wattles need to look healthy and bright and the birds need to be quiet and settled, something that only comes from regular handling. If you would like someone from the club to come out and show the students what and how, call Ellis on 64284075 and he will arrange a convenient time.