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Where do I Start?

Becoming a member is easy. Fill in a membership form and either post it or bring it in personally to one of our meetings or to a show. The best show to start at is our Young Bird Show in April. This will be accompanied with a Sale so you can pick up your first birds to get you started.
Membership costs are: $10.00 for an Adult (16 +) and $5.00 for a Junior (up to 15)
When you join our club, you will be given a tour of our premises and shown all the different breeds of birds that you can show. You will be assigned a "Buddy", an experienced member of our team, to take you through which birds will be suitable for you, depending on your situation.
We will take into account your budget, space and the free time you will have to care for your poultry. Once you have decided what breed you wish to start with, we will introduce you to someone who specialises in that breed. They will hopefully be able to set you up with some stock to get you started.

Next, you need to set up housing for your birds. Again, some breeds need more elaborate housing than others.

You can purchase prefab coups in flat pack from most pet supply shops or stock and station agents and you can also buy straight off the web from many specialist poultry supply companies. See the section on "Links" to link directly to their websites.
Or you can get some supplies and tools, and knock your own coup/s together. Again, most poultry books have a section on building a coup and you can search the many poultry related websites for plans and ideas.
The same can be said for providing the right food and fresh water. Again, our "Links" page will put you in contact with suppliers of drinkers and food products.

Anyone from the club can advise you on what they believe are the best products, feeds and supplements and personal experience goes a long way in eliminating mistakes earlier than later.

We look forward to you joining and enjoying the fantastic hobby
of keeping and showing purebred poultry.

Membership Forms

Download a membership form by right-clicking on the icon on the right, and selecting "Save link as..." then print it out, and fill out and get it back to us by following the instructions on the form.