Introducing Devonport Poultry Club Inc.

The Devonport Poultry Club was formed by a number of poultry fanciers including George Harding in 1954 in the Poultry Pavilion at the Devonport Show Ground.
In 2011, the Pavilion was renamed "The George Harding Poultry Pavilion" in recognition of George's long term dedication to the breeding and showing of Poultry. George is still an active member of the club at 90 years of age.

We are an Incorporated Not for Profit organisation which means that all money raised by sponsorship, fund raising , membership and entry fees goes back into the running of the club as well as funding prizes, prize cards and ribbons.
We operate under the TPFA, The Tasmanian Poultry Fanciers Association Inc. who sets the rules for all of the affiliate clubs in Tasmania to work under. Our committee is made up of an executive committee consisting of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Promotions Manager as well as various positions and duties spread amongst the more involved club members.
We appoint a Show Manager and a Chief Steward at every show and also have a "Catering Manager" to ensure the safe and profitable running of our kitchen during shows. Our members are not restricted to the North West Coast of Tasmania. As many of our members reside across Tasmania as well as the Mainland.

Our Mission Statement is -
"Breeding and Improving Purebred Poultry for Future Fanciers"
and our logo has been developed around this mission statement.

We meet regularly at the Club Rooms. First Monday of the month at 7pm is our formal committee meeting and the third Monday each month is a more informal meeting.
Supper is provided at all meetings. All members are welcome to attend the meetings and have input.

George Harding at the Unveiling
of the "George Harding Poultry Pavilion"

Our Home

Our registered home is the George Harding Poultry Pavilion, located at the North Western end of the Devonport Show Ground.
The pavilion houses about 700 show pens and specially lit Champion pens for each class Champion and has a Kitchen and a Meeting Room which is also used as a Dining Room at Major Shows and functions.

Two of the 8 rows of Show Pens used to house birds during Judging at a club show. Note that all of the pens are on one level making the judging process much easier.

Presentations are held in our club room after each show.
The room is used extensively as a rest area for exhibitors and judges with much rhetoric flowing freely. The room is also used to serve luncheons and suppers during meetings.

Specially lit Championship Pens where the "BEST" of each "CLASS" is vying for the title of "CHAMPION BIRD OF THE SHOW"

The Club Rooms are fully equipped with video equipment, a gift shop, trophy cabinets and are decorated with original poultry paintings by George Harding. Photo and newspaper clips adorn the walls remembering past and present Champions and their breeders. We have a fully equipped kitchen to cater for Luncheons and Suppers.